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If you are looking for, trust, confidentiality, and new PayMaster services are more effective and less expensive? you are in the place you were looking for.

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We are the Division dedicated to the PayMaster sector. For over 30 years, the DH Group has provided a personalized PAYMASTER service worldwide. Having provided the DH PAYMASTER service to European customers for five years, TDHI has had its own Sector Division since 2020.

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The primary purpose is to receive collateral commissions from buyers in a significant transaction and disbursement to sellers and brokers on the transaction.
When it comes to commission payments on contracts that deal with large amounts of money (such as oil, gas, steel, iron, gold, MTN, VG, T-Strip and other instruments), most banks in the world are very cautious about dealing with such large amounts of money. Additionally, most buyers and sellers of such transactions want to deposit their funds with a neutral third party for disbursement. In most cases, the buyer and seller involved in the transaction require a payer to be appointed to handle all incoming and outgoing funds.
Having provided DH PAYMASTER service to customers in Europe for five years, TDHI now has its Division to take care of this sector. The primary purpose of our Division is to make the service even faster and cheaper.
Contact the International Secretariat or General Manager, Dr Magri, and explain your needs, and you will receive an answer and, if possible, a proposal with times, costs and methods.
In the spirit of TDHI, we are concrete and professional. We recommend you ask for or propose a confidentiality agreement before providing sensitive and confidential information.


Thanks to our partner, who has 30 years of experience in the sector, we have professional and strategic support that allows us to operate worldwide.

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